tantra diary

  Our tantra diary January-April 2019 is set out below.   As I have mentioned before, I am taking a sort of semi-retirement, so I will not be available as much as in the past to answer the phone and respond to emails. However Jyoti and Veena will be here, and they will be handling the bookings as well as offering the massages. I decided that this would be preferable, rather than taking on someone new who would not be familiar with our way of working –  just in order to handle appointments. So please be aware that your phone calls and emails may not be answered as promptly, and dare I say, as efficiently, as in the past. However, hopefully, this will not be a problem, as long as you can have some understanding and patience. The masseuses will only answer the phone in between appointments, when they are free, so it would make things easier if you can contact them more by email, and preferably with as much advance notice as possible.   .    

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