true tantra

What is True Tantra? Here are some thoughts on this inspiring and beautiful subject. The male eternally searches for his female half, the “sakthi”, and the female searches for her masculine half, the “siva”, to complete the cosmic energy circle.. Some try to consummate it through “divine love”, some through “sacred sex”, some through “platonic companionship”- But always through an external relationship, an external partner- hoping it is the duty of “the other”- to give us pleasure, security, sense of belonging, or whatever it is we are continuously searching for.. Hence the anger, frustrations & accusations (and transient pleasure also) when this does not happen- in all these male-female relationships.. Until we internally realize the other half of our energy cycle, which we ourselves ultimately have to, for our inner fulfillment, this futile external search will go on, says Sri Tathata, quoting the sacred science of the tantra.. So in this sacred journey, internally surrender your ego- to your present partner, present relationship, present experience- But with full awareness, unconditional acceptance, total respect, and infinite love.. a pathway to discover the absolute divine in us, and in each other.. Here is a story about Krsna and Radha, the eternal… Read more »

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