tantric massage and integrity

  Tantric Massage and Integrity should go hand in hand.   We have been getting booked up quite a bit in advance lately and clients have been asking why I do not take on some more masseuses. For some time now, I have decided to use only one massage room, so we are limited re. the amount of slots available every day. Also, clients who arrive early can now wait peacefully in our waiting room. I have not taken on any additional masseuses because it seems to be becoming harder and harder to find masseuses who have experience, training and the right personality , attitude and understanding. I have advertised but have met mainly young girls with no training who expect to be paid a lot of money, only because they are attractive. They say things like ‘sensual massage is easy’, and they think that experience is unnecessary and they somehow feel entitled to earn a lot, based mainly on their looks. Of course, there will always be a demand for young, sexy, pretty girls – and different clients have varying requirements. But I have always been particular about who I take on here. Of course a tantric masseuse should… Read more »

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