sexual energy

  Why can’t men hold their sexual energy?   is the title of an interesting article which recently appeared on a psychosexual website: It asks the question: “So do guys really just want to have quick sex and cum?……. Here’s the age old problem; women typically want longer sex sessions, with more of a build up of erotic energy, guys tend to want to move ahead to ‘the main event’ of penetration and ejaculate pretty much as soon as possible. Why? The interesting thing about sexual energy is that although most guys spend a huge amount of time thinking about sex, planning ways to get it, fantasising about what they’ll do once they get there, when they’re actually in a sexual situation they want to get rid of that sexual energy as fast as possible by ejaculating it out of them. Interesting conundrum, right? Why spend all that time wanting something, only to discharge it as soon as you get the chance?” This issue is pretty pertinent at the moment with the newspapers full of descriptions of the  obnoxious and  abusive behaviour of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. He would do things like pressurize  young women to watch him masturbate…. Read more »

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