tantric massage scene in London

    The tantric massage scene in London has changed enormously over the past 20 years What has prompted me to write an article on this topic is that we have been looking for a new tantric masseuse to replace Lakshmi, doing the four-hand massage on Thursdays. I knew when Lakshmi first joined us that she would only be staying in London until September, so I started keeping an eye open early on. In the past, I have always had a large choice of talented and attractive masseuses who had written to me, asking if they could train and work with us. I very rarely needed to advertise. They would always enclose a cv and photo, as requested on our employment page, and the majority were interested in the subject of tantric massage, and in learning more. But the tantric massage scene in London has now changed. I have received a few email requests from very young girls with no massage experience, no cv, confidently saying that they could learn fast and expecting very high pay. When I did make appointments for some of them to come and meet me, most of them did not even bother to turn up… Read more »

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