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  Punting Forums   or  Sex Forums, are portrayed in Jane Champion’s new BBC drama called Top of the Lake – China Girl. Have you been watching it? I highly recommend it.   Apparently, Jane Champion did a lot of research into brothels and the sex trade and she actually managed to get into a brothel, which is not an easy thing for a woman to do.   I was struck also by her portrayal of a punting forum – a group of men sitting in a cafe, with their laptops open, discussing their experiences of various prostitutes they had been visiting  in one particular brothel.   As I mentioned in my earlier blog article on sensual massage forums, this bonding among men on punting forums, where they share information on the sensual/sexual services they have been receiving, came as a shock to me when I first found out about their existence. To my knowledge, this is the first time that punting forums have been portrayed so openly and honestly in a movie.   The Guardian describes them as follows: ‘… and the ghastly porn-surfing bros who congregate at a cafe with their laptops, harassing the waitress and cackling over… Read more »

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