tantra holidays

    Tantra Holidays are important for our masseuses What I mean by tantra holidays, is that they need to take breaks every now and then, to restore their energy. We only have one masseuse working every day, except Thursday, which is when we have our special 4 hand massage offer. Most other agencies have many more masseuses on their books, so with them, you can probably easily make last minute bookings. We have been getting booked up well in advance and many of our clients need to plan ahead of time, especially those coming to London from other cities in England and from abroad. I have been asked quite a lot recently, ¬†why I don’t take on more tantric masseuses. But it is not easy to find the right ones. Also, I have always been very particular, and insist on selecting and ¬†training our tantric masseuses with a great deal of care. Since some holidays are coming up, I thought I would outline them now, in advance, to make it clearer for all clients re. who will be working on which days.   Lakshmi will be away from July 14-31, so she will not be available during that period…. Read more »

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