male and female sexual energy

The difference between male and female sexual energy has intrigued us throughout the ages. We only have to look at current book and newspaper titles to see that the subject is still on our minds:   – Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus – The Secret to Mind-Blowing Orgasms – How Men’s Brains are Wired Differently than Women’s (from Scientific American) – Nurture your Feminine Side (The Chopra Centre) The ordinary male must ejaculate often   or he will become frustrated, emotionally irritable and have little control over his mind. However it is not necessary that the build up of sexual energy should cause such symptoms. It is possible to learn to circulate the energy throughout the entire body, leading to a strengthening of the entire energy body and a rejuvenation of the physical. Through Tantric meditation, one can radiate orgasmic states throughout the entire body with or without a partner. Exchanging sexual energy with your partner and circulating and blending it throughout your bodies simply cannot be compared with ordinary orgasm With ordinary orgasm a small amount of sexual energy is built up and then released from the testicles in men and the ovaries in women,… Read more »

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