Valentine's Day

  Valentine’s day is coming up soon It is one of those holidays which holds loads of hidden expectation for some, and can be a day of dread for many singles who don’t have a partner to share it with. Some people tend to dismiss Valentine’s Day as a commercial fanfare. According to some recent studies, women are not that into Valentine’s Day: their partner usually wants to have sex, whereas 43% of women have no interest in shaking up their bedroom routines, and 35% are more excited about the cuddling than the sex itself. 34% would rather spend the night watching TV than getting it on….. Valentine’s Day can evoke pressure for women to please their partners at the expense of their own desires. 23% of women said they hated having to shave or wax for their significant other, and 11% wished they could skip out on the lingerie. However, below is an article written by a female married journalist, with an opposing view: “Gents, I will let you into a little secret. When a woman says she doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day and doesn’t want to celebrate it, don’ believe her. If she practically insists on you not… Read more »

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