love and sexual energy

  Love and sexual energy are deeply connected in ways that many of us are not aware   The ancient Greeks, who were highly sophisticated, had six different words for love, each with a slightly different meaning: Eros or sexual passion – this was not thought of as necessarily positive, the way we do today. Eros was viewed as dangerous, fiery and irrational, as it could take hold of you and possess you. It involved a loss of control. Philia or deep friendship, which was valued far more than Eros or basic sexuality. Ludus or playful love was the affection and type of flirtation seen between young lovers, or at the beginning of a relationship. Agape or love for everyone. This is selfless love – an ideal sought in religious traditions. Pragma is the mature longstanding love which includes deep understanding and develops between long-married couples. Philautia is love of the Self. The Greeks were a very advanced culture and knew that there are two types of self love. One is narcissistic and childish, and the other requires deeper self knowledge – in other words, we can only love others to the extent that we really know and love ourselves…. Read more »

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