tantric massage video

  Our tantric massage video which is on the home page of this website has quite a history behind it.   I decided to have a video made many years ago because at the time, we were offered a discounted deal by one of the directories we had subscribed to. I hadn’t had the website for very long, so I was quite new to anything to do with websites. The rep/salesman from the directory had put quite a bit of pressure on me to have it made, and after some consideration, I also thought it would be a good idea. I felt it would give future clients the opportunity to see the environmnent they would be coming into and although we were not going to take them through the intimate details of the massage, they would be able to get a feeling of what to expect. The first step was for the video company to pick someone to come over to our place to actually film the video. However they kept delaying things and giving us strange excuses over several weeks. They finally admitted that they couldn’t find anyone among their regular staff willing to make it, because since the… Read more »

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