tantric massage and sexual confidence

    Can tantric massage boost sexual confidence? First one needs to understand what sexual confidence really is.   We could all start by asking ourself the question: ‘Am I a sexually confident person?’   Following is a pertinent quote from Osho,  who was a  popular guru, sometimes known as the ‘sex’ guru’ of the seventies: “ All religions have turned man against his own energies. Sex is man’s whole energy, his life energy. So through condemning sex…. and preventing the orgasmic experience, religions have made men and women slaves. And the basic strategy is :’because sex is the most powerful energy in you, sex should be condemned, a guilt should be created. Then the individual has a split….. his nature is sensuous, sexual and his mind is full of garbage against it. So man is afraid of sex as far as the mind is concerned, but his biology has nothing to do with the mind.The biology has its own way of functioning, so it will draw him towards sex and his mind will be standing there continuously condemning him. So he makes love, but in a hurry. He is hurrying because he feels he is doing something wrong. The… Read more »

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