sexological bodyworker

      Celeste is now a qualified Sexological Bodyworker.   She completed the course (see details in my previous blog article and received the qualification because she has been very much in demand for our Tantric Therapy/Tuition sessions for several years now,and she wanted to study the subject in more depth. The idea was to get more knowledge, feedback and a recognised qualification. The t-shirt she received on graduating shows that the organisation has a sense of humour, which is always a plus. Personally, I wasn’t too sure what a Sex Geek is, so I have searched the term and come up with some interesting definitions. The Urban Dictionary definition is: “Someone who takes pride in learning, applying and spreading throughout their lives, accurate sexual health information, effective communication skills and relationship blackbelt knowhow regardless of sexual identity and practices”   Sex-Positive Podcasts “that helped me realize, I’m a Sex Geek   I identify as a ‘sex geek’ It’s a term that was coined and made popular by renowned sex educator Reid Mihalko and I’ve been one since before there even was a term for it…….. ”   10 Ways to become a Sexy Geek Confidence… Read more »

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