internal clitoris - betty dodson

  Betty Dodson is a well-known sex educator I have mentioned her before, in previous articles on this blog. For women, in particular, it is well worth reading some of the many articles on her comprehensive website:   She has written countless articles and produced many videos on all kinds of subjects related to women’s sexuality.   In the video above, she draws a vagina, including the clitoris and I thought it would be interesting, helpful and educational for both women and men to watch.   In fact, it seems that it was only in 2009 that researchers produced the first complete three-dimensional sonography of the stimulated clitoris, similar to the blue and yellow picture above.   Before that, there were only incomplete or inaccurate textbook descriptions and nobody knew about the full anatomical scope of the excited clitoris until the late 1990s, when an MRI was used to study its structure in its ‘live’ state.   The researchers worked for 3 years without proper funding and it is thanks to them that we now understand how the erectile tissue of the clitoris engorges and surrounds the vagina – a complete breakthrough that explains how what we once considered… Read more »

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