tantric massage and sexological bodywork

  Tantric massage and Sexological Bodywork work well together I never labelled my practice ‘tantric massage’ until around 2005 when suddenly everyone started using the internet and I noticed websites appearing, calling themselves ‘tantric massage london’ etc. So I decided that if they can call themselves tantric massage, I will also. I never had any illusions about the fact that tantra is something entirely different, because, as it happened, my original spiritual teacher, who I met in 1974, came from a tantric tradition. But the word tantra was hardly ever used among us. We received initiation, practiced meditation and received the transmission of energy. We were also given several practices – none of which included massage !! SkyDancing Tantra In the seventies, Margot Anand created a system which she called ‘Skydancing Tantra’ It included tantric massage and encompassed many of the teachings of Osho on sexuality (see my blog article on the origin of tantric massage). Osho Osho, an Indian guru who became popular in the 1970’s, kept stressing the fact that in the West. our religions have created a split between body and soul, which has led to guilt, shame and conflict over sexuality. So he encouraged his followers,… Read more »

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