the origin of tantric massage

  There are many misconceptions about the origin of Tantric Massage It did not originate in India thousands of years ago, but first started to become popular at the ashram of Rajneesh in Pune, India in the 1970’s and then spread to California in the 1980s. Tantric massage has nothing to do with Tantra in the true sense of the term. Its origins can be traced mainly to the work of two people: a French woman, Margot Anand, and an American man, Joseph Kramer. A lot of their work was influenced by Wilhelm Reich, Carl Rogers, Alexander Lowen and the many other pioneers of the human consciousness movement around the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, as well as by Taoist philosophy, Mantak Chia and the teachings of Rajneesh, later named  Osho, a controversial Indian guru of that period. Margot Anand Margot Anand was a graduate of the Sorbonne University in Paris. Like many other ‘seekers’ in the 1970s, she was drawn to India and stayed for some time at the ashram of Rajneesh in Poona. Rajneesh, whose name was later changed to Osho, was a controversial guru, who was said to have owned 99 Rolls Royces and promoted his… Read more »

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