happy easter

    Happy Easter to everyone.   All the masseuses at Tantric Massage in Kensington would like to wish our clients a very happy and enjoyable Easter break. The photo above is of an Easter gift from one of our regular clients, which brought a ray of sunshine and joy into our hearts and into the clinic…… We will re-open next Tuesday.      

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elusive orgasm

Women’s orgasms are very different to those of men, and have been a mystery to men and women alike. Tantric massage is not supposed to concentrate on genital orgasm, but on  experiencing the powerful feelings of energy and bliss which circulate in the body,accompanying sensual arousal,  and which can lead to total body orgasm. However, today in the age of communication, more and more books and articles are being written about various aspects of  the female orgasm. Below we describe 3 different ways of helping women to achieve orgasm – the traditional way – via a new app -and a new medical invention. Does this sound familiar: MAN: Finally gets to go downtown and fumbles to get his hand where it counts. MAN: Starts random up-and-down or circular motion, hoping to God he can hit the spot and not be surprised. WOMAN: Moans and man thinks he’s doing well. WOMAN: Stops moaning. MAN: Shifts technique or goes into overdrive, and woman asks him to slow down. MAN: Slows down. Five seconds of mild positive response later, nothing. MAN: Feels like a dog trying to open a door with no thumbs. WOMAN: Gently stops his increasingly erratic attack after 10 minutes…. Read more »

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