What do you think about sensuality? Do you consider yourself to be a sensual person? The truth is that we are all sensual beings. This is the way we were intended to be – so that we would be able to feel  the multitude of experiences that life is constantly offering us. But throughout time, religion and culture have been in charge of transforming our experience of our own sensuality. At what point in history was it that we, as a whole, decided to become thinking beings instead of feeling beings? I remember this question being raised in the 60’s when an entire generation broke away from the habits of their parents, who were perceived as traditional and repressive, and began to experiment with drugs, new psychological theories, rock and roll, and ‘letting go.’ The idea was to live in the moment, to just be and feel and experience. This is also when the Neo-Tantric movement began to gain popularity. But what is happening today? Have we become more attached to our mobile phones, tablets and apps than to our partners? Have we forgotten how to really connect with others by actually looking them in the eye and experiencing them as… Read more »

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