lady gaga fame

    Lady Gaga Fame, her new fragrance, has been hitting the headlines Almost 2 years ago, according to rumours, she said the scent would have notes of ‘blood and semen’ and be suited to an expensive hooker. You may be the kind of person who has already started wondering what to get your female friends for Xmas, and this is certainly an idea – but we are not entirely convinced – here goes:   When it was realised that Fame was not likely to sell based on the earlier propaganda about ‘blood and semen’, the rumour changed to the perfume having the same molecular structure as  the bodily fluids. Today, the box bears no mention of blood or semen. Instead it has notes of Belladonna – a deadly nightshade, pulverised apricot, saffron and honey drops. The eau de parfum, in the futuristic bottle, is a murky black. When you spray the fragrance  it turns clear while airbourne. Lady Gaga Fame costs £25 for 30 ml What do you think ? Let us know whether you would enjoy a tantric massage using grapeseed oil combined with a drop of Lady Gaga Fame…..  

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