tantric massage london

                        What is sensual massage and what is the tantra of relationsip ? If you’ve been reading the newspapers recently, you will have been struck by yet another flurry of stories about famous men and their affairs: Arnold Schwarzeneger and his ‘love child’, Chris Huhne and the speeding ticket, Dominique Strauss-Kahn the ex-head of the IMF and then there is the ‘famous footballer’ who was finally named – there was even an article in the Independent entitled “Is Anyone Faithful Any More?” in which a relationship expert states that “nowadays we have a problem with instant gratificiation” and the internet is partly to blame – “It’s so easy to hook up on the internet.”                   The article also quoted John Gottman, emeritus professor at the University of Washington, who is probably the world’s leading expert on relationships and marital stability. One of his most interesting findings concerns gay relationships:     “in 200 years heterosexual relationships will be where gay and lesbian relationships are today – crucial in these relationsips is honesty about sex….. Gays and lesbians are more honest. They talk explicitly… Read more »

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