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Tantric Massage London


We were one of the  first tantric massage clinics to open in London and we have been in existence at the same location in Kensington since 1992. We are now based in new studios in East London, Liverpool St and Londonfields and do out calls all over London. 


We have developed our own version of tantric massage: an exquisite blissful whole body massage which encompasses body, mind and spirit, and which is intensely pleasurable, relaxing and energising.


It combines principles of tantra, tao and meditation, with erotic massage, sensual massage and thai massage, as well as  Esalen-style Swedish massage with its long strokes.


Our tantric massage is a supremely enjoyable, relaxing yet energising, total body massage,using warm oils. It has many benefits  – and is  a sure way to relieve stress and restore energy.


It is available for men, women and couples.


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There are many different opinions and schools of thought, depending on the level of understanding of the  practitioner.  The term ‘tantric massage’ was coined in the 1970’s and gave rise to a variety of trainings and qualifications, which have also changed and evolved.


Traditional tantra is a body of ancient esoteric teachings which date back thousands of years. These teachings are difficult to understand without  guidance, and  have nothing whatsoever to do with massage. For an insight into traditional Tantra in India, click on tantra To read about modern interpretations or neo-tantra, click on neo-tantra.  I have also written an article on the origin of tantric massage on my blog  This explains what in general terms is understood to be tantric massage today.


Please take the time to read the different sections of our website, to help you understand what our tantric massage is all about, and how it may differ from many of the sensual massage and erotic massage services which have sprung up in London in recent years. There are numerous erotic and sensual massages on offer in London today, many of them branding themselves ‘genuine tantric massage’, but tantric massage should have a different dimension.


For further understanding, we suggest reading the paragraph on Secret of Tantric Massage on our FAQ page, as well as the articles on our blog,  in particular the  blog article also entitled Secret of Tantric Massage.


Most of us tend to be creatures of habit. We think we know what we want, based on our past thoughts and experiences.  So clients often arrive with rigid expectations. Our suggestion is that if you can let go and be open, and learn to trust your inner feeling, you may be able to experience something you have never felt before. We often find it hard to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Yet it is this very vulnerability which is our true strength. We all need to discover this for ourselves.


David Yarian, an American sex therapist, says:

tantric massage encourages “a meditative approach … where breath and wordless connection amplify the intensity of sexual pleasure without falling over the cliff of orgasm. Maintaining a high state of arousal while at the same time being completely relaxed results in an unimaginable, timeless state of ecstatic bliss. Orgasm is a delightful and profound experience. But it can be so much more than nine seconds of pelvic muscle spasm. Take some time to explore what is possible!”

Massage qualifications


Our masseuses have genuine, recognised massage qualifications with advanced massage skills, so you can be sure to receive a real and  top class massage – not just a ‘soft light feathery touch’ .

They can combine tantric massage with deep tissue massage, sports massage or lomi lomi massage, at your request.


Celeste is a qualified Sexological Bodyworker and can incorporate Sexological Bodywork techniques into her tantric tuition sessions.


All our masseuses speak fluent english and are beautiful inside as well as out. They will welcome you into the  beauty and peace of the surroundings.

The skill, empathy and understanding of your tantric masseuse will enable you to relax and feel encompassed by subtle sensations you may never have felt before. You will feel  peaceful and calm, yet energized by delicious currents of bliss.


We offer tantric massage and tuition to men, women and couples and we are finding that more and more women, as well as couples, are becoming genuinely interested and pro-active in improving the sensual aspect of their lives.


Tantric massage can help the receiver to connect more deeply with his/her own inner energy and senses, as well as that of a partner.


This is enabled through deep breathing,  the intimacy of  conscious touch, and the release and alignment of our sensual, emotional and spiritual energies.


We have been meditating and playing mantras here for many years, and mantras are said to purify the atmosphere and to have a soothing and  calming effect on our entire being.


Everyone has a natural and intrinsic desire to experience intimacy with their inner being,or to put it another way, to sink deep within and to feel good within their own body.


We all own the keys to this inner connection, but  may not have been shown where they are or how to use them.

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Our tantric massage is a very unique experience.You can enjoy it on your own, with a friend or partner (2 massage rooms available) or you can come for tuition.

For those who are new to it, or if you have any questions,you are welcome to contact us by email or by phone on 0770 883 5756  and we will be happy to have a chat and resolve any issues you may have.


For visitors to London


Currently we are located 4 mins walk from Londonfields overground station or a quick taxi or bus ride from Bethnal Green underground station. In September our main studio will move more central London and easily accessible from Liverpool St, Old St Shoreditch area. 

To see a map of our current location in London please click on Contact Us 


We offer outcalls to most Central London hotels


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Erotic and sensual massage services

have proliferated on the internet in recent years.


In Germany and Switzerland, there is a professional Tantra Massage Association which represents their members and which sets the guidelines for their training.


Germany has recently outlawed use of the term ‘erotic massage’ for tantric massage.


There is no such Association or any form of regulation in England.


Many sensual masseuses and escorts in London today are being  deceptively packaged and marketed  as tantric massage agencies, plagiarising content and using other clever and misleading tactics.


Discrimination is needed when seeking a tantric massage in London.