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Many years ago, long before the Internet took off, there were very few reliable indicators of the quality of service you could expect from  providers. My best sources of information were the local newspapers available in West and West Central London; reading the ads, it was usually very difficult even to tell which of these services were being offered. The only way you had any hope of finding out was to call the number in the ad - you could usually pick out the dodgy ones - and very occasionally, you could immediately tell that in all probability you’d stumbled across a good ’un.

Back in those far-off days, I came across a lady based in Kensington, whose ad seemed to promise more than the standard “rub’n’tug”, so I took the plunge and paid her a visit. She turned out to be Eva, who now runs Tantric Massage London; I recall having a very enjoyable time with her, in an elegant apartment with a very relaxed ambience – I think this was the first time I had ever come across the tantric style of massage. I made a note of the number for future reference – but I never did go back; .....
All I can say is: why did I wait so long?

....let me just say that for me, the most important aspect of any sensual massage is expertise and technique - this is much more important than age or appearance. However, I was greeted in the hallway by Jyoti and Uma, dressed in long, flowing gowns, and I absolutely guarantee that these two will have your eyeballs out on stalks – they are both absolutely beautiful.

After getting the formalities out of the way, I had a quick shower, then climbed onto the (very comfortable) massage table. From that moment on, I was in massage heaven. First two, then four hands began to work their magic – sometimes one at my head and one at my feet, sometimes one either side of me; the flowing movements, the sensitive touches gradually built up feelings of sheer relaxation, overlaid with a gentle eroticism. Jyoti and Uma complemented each other beautifully, working together in a way that took me from my initial state of deep relaxation, first to a state of heightened arousal, and eventually to a beautifully orchestrated climax. They moved around the table, taking it in turns to allow me to touch them while they massaged me.

I’ve had a couple of 4-hand experiences in the past – and been disappointed, leading me to conclude that two hands are better, as there is a greater chance of establishing a rapport with the masseuse. But this was different – Jyoti and Uma gave me an experience that was genuinely on a higher level than massages I’ve had elsewhere. I’m I’m not sure why this should be so – maybe the attractive surroundings, the efficient way Eva runs her business, the quality of the training she gives the girls, the tantric aspects of the massage – all I can say is that I felt safe, secure, relaxed, aroused, thoroughly pampered; all of these things, but something else besides – I felt as if the whole of my body was receiving energy from both ladies, which in turn seemed to heighten the sensations I was feeling. I don’t think there could have been more than a few seconds when I wasn’t experiencing delightful sensations on some part of my body, and the intensity of these sensations just grew and grew over the hour.

All good things must come to an end, and after they had brought me to one of the best climaxes I’ve had for a long time, they brought me back to earth with more gentle strokes, finishing with a head massage. When I had showered and dressed, they said goodbye in the hallway, and I emerged blinking into the autumn sunlight.

I’ve been active in the world of paid-for pleasure for the better part of 30 years, and I can honestly say that my visit to TML is up there in my top 5 of all time. The experience Eva’s ladies gave me was exceptional, and there is no doubt in my mind that I’ll be back for more.

Well done Uma

After such a wonderful session with Eden, I had to come back... saw Uma this time. Noticed she hasn't had a review yet, well she's absolutely heavenly. Expert in deep tissue massage and a lovely sensual touch. Personally I don't think the pics do her justice. Thank you so much!!

Please pass on my gratitude to Celeste for a really insightful session. It is exactly what I've been looking for. I find her approach really balances what can be quite esoteric and inaccessible wihtout losing any of the magic of it.

Thank you Eden

I had an absolutely blissful hour with Eden yesterday.The flat is lovely, with a bohemian atmosphere, so she seemed to fit in quite naturally padding around in nothing but a towel. As well as looking as lovely as she does in the photos (actually she seems to have got a little younger since they were taken!) Eden has a warm and friendly personality and seems equally at home chatting or just doing her thing in silence. I walked home virtually giggling with pleasure and felt compelled to share it (I've never written a review before). I can't wait to come back.David


Over the last week, I have had the great joy of 4 handed appointments with Celeste, Uma and Jyoti. Wow! They are each wonderful and skilled and the apartment is lovely and inviting. This is a treat never to be missed. I cannot wait to come back.

A Great Treat!!

I must say Celeste has a touch which is out of this world and you tell straight away that she is so well experienced and mmake you feel so warm and welcome. The experience as a whole was out of this world and is a must for anyone who works hard and wants to reward themselves by allowing this experience take all your stress and tension away 🙂

Thankyou Jyoti

I was stressed and in need of energy - Jyoti came to my rescue! A wonderful massage by a very talented masseuse. She is indeed beautiful within and without.

great experience

had an amazing time with Celeste, really she is an angel, i learned to control my breath to beat my stress and felt the very relaxation with her at the massage.

Eden how wonderful are you ? had the honour of 90 minutes in your company this afternoon a divine & heavenly experience thankyou so much xx

I was able to spend another hour and a half with Jyoti the other day. She truly understands me. It was the most fantastic experience. Jyoti tells me my breathing and control is really getting better as my experience grows. Thanks Jyoti.

I am new to tantric massage and, after some research, I plucked up the courage to make an appointment with Celeste. All I can say is that I am very pleased that I did. This was to be an evening like no other - intensely relaxing, and intimate.
Celeste is a beautiful, tranquil and sensual person. She is a master craftswoman who, like anyone at the top of their game, seems to undertake her role with great aplomb and skill. I felt some anxiety when I first lay down on the massage couch but Celeste didn’t take long to get me to relax into the massage and to let my muscle tension subside. There was never any sensation of rushing; sensations heightened at a very slow but steady pace before coming to climactic moment that I shall never forget. The head and facial massage afterwards left me in a very calm state and the whole experience is definitely something I shall want to repeat.
If you don’t like massage, then this is not for you; if you want an escort then this is not for you; but if you want to have an unforgettable feeling of bliss and of being in heaven, then this really is for you. It is now high on my recommended list of “things to do before you die”.
Thank you Celeste for the pleasure of your time and company.


I recently had the pleasure of having a massage from Jyoti and my goodness, little did I know how wonderful was her expertise, but also as a person. Welcoming, friendly and totally in touch with me. I have never had such a wonderful experience, the only sad note, was that it had to end. Eva you run a great professional business, but having gems in the crown as Jyoti, enhances it even more. I cannot wait to return for another wonderful, relaxing and stimulating time with Jyoti. Thank you for making my day!!!!

Thank you Eva

Celeste was delightful! I feel amazing, rejuvenated and will definitely see you again. All the best Charles

by Neil murrell on Tantric Massage London
Eden must mean WOW in another language

I spent another wonderful hour in the company of Eden on Friday evening and had to leave a review. I have left a review before but each time brings something different which is what makes it so special so i felt it was time to let people know again how great Eden's massages are. She seems to get more beautiful each visit and puts you at ease straight away. You get great company, a fabulous personality and a massage which removes all stresses and strains. Finally I walk out having had all my troubles removed and for that hour the whole world just disappears and i just think of nothing but happiness. Thanks again Eden for such a fabulous time. Neil. xx

Thank you Celeste and Jyoti for a most wonderful session. It was sensitive, sensual and so professionally conducted. A highlight of my time in London. I will be back.

Thank you Jyoti for the most fantastic massage last Thursday. I will definitely return when I'm next in London. Maybe I will try the 4 handed massage. Mark xx

Dear Celeste,
I wish to thank you so much for the amazing experience you offered to me and my husband the other day. As a woman I felt so comfortable with you, so connected to myself and I felt you had a lot of care and respect for us. We are practicing your amazing teaching and we hope we can come for an other session soon. Thank you! Roberta and Niall.

I have seen Celeste many times, and every time I feel like I am floating once the massage is over. She is extremely intuitive and works on your body with a lot of care and respect.

She somehow seems to know exactly what I need without me having to tell her anything.

Her massages are a perfect balance between spirituality and sensuality.

An extremely gifted masseuse.
Thank you!

Eden is just...

Incredible experience, Eden is just unbelievable. It was my first time but she was lovely, made me feel completely relaxed and blew my freaking mind.

Cannot recommend highly enough.

Thank you.

Celeste and Jyoti

I have been to heaven and back. I have never had a tantric massage before, I opted straight for the best option of the 4-handed massage with two beautiful ladies Celeste & Jyoti. Everything as describe on the website is 100% genuine, spotless surroundings, airy room, mantras playing, warm oils, beautiful smells and a totally relaxing environment, absolutely perfect!

by Neil murrellu on Tantric Massage London
Wonderful massage from Eden.

I have just lest a little while ago after a wonderful massage from Eden and I still feel on cloud nine.. This is the best I have felt in ages and Eden is such great company and puts you at ease straight away.. The massage, tge settings and most importantly the massauer where all perfect.. This was my first massage and the way I feel now it will be the first of many.. 🙂 finally the are 7 fantastic things about Eden but I will leave you to discover those for your self.. Thanks again Eden and hope to see you again soon. Neil x

Thank you Celeste and Eden

I would like to extend my heart felt thank you to Celeste and Eden for the most wonderful 4 hand tantric massage. This was my first visit to Tantra Massage London and the whole experience from making the booking to the great location, environment and facilities of property and the friendliness, skill and caring nature of Celeste and Eden made this an experience to remember.
This was my first 4 handed massage but not my first tantric massage. The dynamic of the extra person makes this a very different experience in a very good way – one I would recommend most strongly.
Thank you again – namaste

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