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  • Tantric Massage London
  • Tantric Massage London

Tantric Massage London

Relax into the bliss

We offer tantric massage and tuition in a genuine spirit of Tantra,by qualified massage therapists in a beautiful apartment in Kensington, near Earl’s Court and Gloucester Road, Central London

Our tantric massage  combines principles of tantra, tao and meditation, with holistic,sensual, thai and deeply relaxing Esalen-style Swedish massage.

Tantric massage has many benefits.It is a supremely enjoyable, relaxing yet energising, total body massage – tuition can also lead to deeper self-awareness, understanding and  healing. 

For tantric masseuses’ weekly schedule including photos, please click on  Schedule

What is a genuine tantric massage?

There are many different opinions and schools of thought.  The term 'tantric massage' was coined in the sixties and has led to a proliferation of various services being offered on the internet. Traditional tantra is a body of ancient esoteric teachings which have nothing to do with massage. For more information on the real meaning of Tantra , click here

We have been practicing here, in the same location in Kensington, for over 20 years. We were one of the first tantric massage clinics to open in London, and we are located just a few minutes walk from Gloucester Road, Earl's Court  or High Street Kensington tube stations in Central London.

Please take the time to read the different sections of our website, to help you understand what our  tantric massage is all about, and how it may differ from many of the services which have sprung up in London in recent years.

Our masseuses are genuinely qualified and beautiful inside as well as out.  The beauty and peace of the surroundings, as well as the skill and understanding of your tantric masseuse will enable you to experience sensations you may never have felt before. You will feel both peaceful and yet energized by delicious currents of bliss.

We offer massage and tuition to men, women and couples and we are finding that more and more women, as well as couples, are becoming really  interested and pro-active in improving the sensual aspect of their lives.

We offer our own version of tantric massage. Our service is a result of what we have found to really work: a blend of massage styles and tuition for both men and women. We consider that it should be part of everyone's education to understand their body and mind, as well as  that of their partner.

We all need to discover the secret keys to unlock our inner senses. Everyone owns the keys but may not have been taught where they are, or how to access them.

Our tantric massage is a very unique experience.You can enjoy it on your own, with a friend or partner (2 massage rooms available) or you can come for tuition.

For those who are new to it, or if you have any questions,you are welcome to contact us by email or by phone on 020 7460 0538 and we will be happy to have a chat and resolve any issues you may have. To see a map of our location in Kensington, please click on Contact Us

For visitors to London, we offer outcalls to nearby hotels in Earl's Court, Kensington, South Kensington.Chelsea, Knightsbridge,Westminster and Mayfair.